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    Herrington Premium Vodka

    Premium Vodka named after the founder of the City of Geneva.

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    Award Winning Herrington® Geneva’s Gin

    Herrington® Geneva’s Gin is not like the gins of yesteryear. It has a delicate balance of botanicals and a delicious citrus finish making it the perfect gin and tonic, or main ingredient in more complex craft cocktails.

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    Herrington Citrus Flavored Vodka™

    While most flavoured vodkas are watered down to lower the proof, Herrington Citrus Flavoured Vodka™ is Fox River Distilling Company’s premium vodka with natural flavors of orange, lemon, lime, and a little grape fruit.

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    Rev. Mike’s White Lightning Moonshine Corn Whiskey

    An unaged corn whisky from the original farmer’s recipe.

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    Bennett Mill Bourbon™

    Bennett Mill Bourbon™ is a beautiful expression of a traditional product.