Rev. Mike’s™ White Lightning Moonshine

Rev_Mikes_MoonshineThis is not your typical moonshine. Rev. Mike’s is actually a 100% organic corn whiskey with all of the flavor and texture that you would expect. Perfect in many cocktails or all by itself.

Rev. Mike, as he was known back then, used to travel the Midwest selling folks all sorts of goods that he picked up along the way. During Prohibition when the farmers could no longer buy their whisky in town they started to make a corn whisky (moonshine) from their leftover grains. Rev. Mike saw an opportunity and bought the spirituous liquid to distribute it to his customers when in 1921 he had a chance meeting with a barrel maker named Angelo and the rest is history…

100 Proof (50% ALC/VOL)
375 ML Bottles – Cases of 12
Produced whenever the Rev. says so.