Herrington Premium Vodka


James Clayton Herrington wanted something better and decided to take a chance and make his fortune by moving West. He packed up his wife Charity and their family, and in 1835 headed out to a small encampment on the banks of the Fox River in Illinois. Herrington, who was a distiller in his own right, is also credited as being the founder of what we know today as the City of Geneva.

We wanted something better too, and that’s why we created Herrington® Premium Vodka, our founding spirit. Herrington® Premium Vodka has an exceptionally smooth character and silky mouth feel and is the perfect vodka for a martini or a starting point for mixologists looking to craft exceptional cocktails.

80 Proof (40% ALC/VOL)
750 ML Bottles – Cases of 12
1 Liter Bottles – Cases of 12